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IHIS Prayer


“ Acquire knowledge, because he who acquires it in the way of the Lord, performs  an act of piety; who speaks of it, praises the Lord; who seeks it, adores God; who dispenses  instruction in it, bestows  alms; and who imparts it to its  fiting  objects, performs an act of devotion to God. Knowledge enables its possessor to distinguish what is forbidden from what is not; it lights the way to Heaven; it is our friend in the desert, our society in solitude, our companion when  bereft  of friends; it guides us to happiness; it sustains us in miersy; it is an ornament in the company of friends; it serves as an armour against our enemies. With knowledge, the  servant of  God  rises to a noble position, associates  with  sovereigns in the worlds, and  attains to the perfection of happiness in the next”